Contributing To FOSS

Past two months were awesome. I started contributing to many Open Source Software.  This post is a list of my contributions.

1. Contributing to Linux Kernel

I got in count 105 patches accepted. I have already written a lot of blog post on my contribution to Linux kernel. So you can read them to know more.

2. Contributing to Mozilla

I started with a suggestion to move the information about the video, below the display in the Air Mozilla project. You can see the pull here. I have not still completed it. peterbe suggested some changes and I’ll be doing that to make it successfully merged.

3. Contributing to Debian

I contributed to debsources improvement project. You can find my patch here. I know you would want me to tag it to trivial, but I’m not gonna do it. That’s the problem with CSS, it’s hard to test and regressions happen often. 🙂

Try to remove it and see what effect a single line does!

4. Contributing to

It was a very trivial patch. But sending a patch to, made me know more about, installing a lot of stuff, exploring a lot of code, and come on, that contributes to some fun too. I also have a plan of contributing to it in future.


It was fun. I learnt a lot and craving for more.

Thanks OPW and everyone I pinged, for doubts. 😀

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