Getting Source of All 3.x versions

I need to get source codes of all the 3.x version of Linux Kernel. As my study will be on the 3.x versions. Cloning every source code is a tedious process, so this post is about how to do it easily.


Clone the source code of current linux:

from here using

git clone

This is gonna take some time.


Download the Makefile:

From here. Put it in your home folder or wherever you are gonna use it.

To add new v3.x versions, run in home directory

git --git-dir=/home/tapasweni/linux/.git fetch

Note: Replace the /home/tapasweni/linux/ path to your path, it was clone in a folder named linux, so I did this.

If you do not have the download it from here.

Do not forget to change the paths in your Makefile.

Now run make

make all-linux-3

You may get something like this (error):

make all-linux-3
git --git-dir=/home/tapasweni/linux/.git fetch
make check-linux-3
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/tapasweni'
Retrieving linux-3.14
cd linux && git archive --format=tar --prefix=linux-3.14/ v3.14 | (cd .. && tar xf - )
cd linux-3.14 && ~/coccinelle/scripts/
/home/kt/coccinelle/scripts/ 3: /home/kt/coccinelle/scripts/ glimpseindex: not found
make[1]: *** [linux-3.14] Error 127
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/tapasweni'
make: *** [all-linux-3] Error 2

What does this tells?

You do not have the glimpse installed. Use these instructions to install it. You need Glimpse and not Web Glimpse. So only install the one required.





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