FOSSMeet’16 @NIT, Calicut

I was invited to speak at FOSSMeet’16 which was held at NIT, Calicut. I gave Contributing to Linux Kernel – Workshop with Vaishali Thakkar, and a talk Getting Started with Contributing to Open Sources.

The talk, getting started with contributing to open sources (slides) was mostly concentrated on helping the beginners to know more about how to write their first patch. The talk was to break some myths, share the information about various beginner friendly programs. It also covered the terminologies, the tools that people who are interested in contributing to open sources should learn about. In this talk I also stressed that coding is not the only way to help an open source project.

Next day I with Vaishali took a workshop (pictures) on getting started with contributing to Linux Kernel (slides). The attendees were very interested in contributing to Linux Kernel. There were around 70+ attendees, with <15 women. Almost all of them had kernel staging source code cloned in their machines. They already completed the basic setup and had Git, vim e.t.c, installed in their machine. We discussed about the process, staging directory, making the Linux Kernel code, the tools that are available to find issues in Linux Kernel and how to fix them. Attendees started with making their first patch. Some of them fixed issues present in the staging directory of drivers in Linux Kernel and successfully prepared their first patch. Many faced issues with Mutt but we were able to resolve them.

I attended a lot of other talks and getting started with contributing to WikiMedia workshop, as well. I created my first patch for WikiMedia during the workshop. It was fun.

While interacting with the attendees of the talk and workshops I got to know a lot of problems and issues that people who wants to get started with contributing to open sources faces.

We booked our travel. After reaching Calicut, the organizers took care of everything, from picking us from the airport, giving us a nice place to stay, food as well as dropping us back to the airport.

Thanks to Outreachy for funding it.