Information Session On Getting Started With Contributing to Open Sources

I got my first patch accepted in Linux Kernel in September, 2014. Before this I had some repositories on my GitHub, through which I open sourced some of my projects.

This was my first contribution to an open source organization. Since then I am contributing to different open source projects. I learn a lot while contributing to open source projects.

I have given talks and workshops. I have written a lot of useful content on Quora on how one can get started with contributing to open sources.

I and many other open source contributors receive questions where people who want to get started with it, share their story and difficulties they face. Till now I had replied to such mails by linking my blog posts (or others) or by linking good Quora questions or other useful content on web.

I felt there is something more I can do. As a result, I have created a GitHub repository, where I have tried to curate a lot of useful things which can help one to get started with contributing to open sources.

Yesterday I along with Anna, Amitoj, Dinu, Geetika, Niharika, Shobha, Shaifali, ShivaniShubheksha, Vatsala conducted an information session. Every one shared their story and then we picked questions from this list.

If you have a question similar to one given in the above linked list, you can watch the recording here.

Feel free to submit pull request for this repository if you feel there is something more that can be added which can help others.



2 Replies to “Information Session On Getting Started With Contributing to Open Sources”

  1. I too am starting to get involved with open source projects and sometimes I still feel that hint of doubt that what I am doing is not the right way to do things. On that note, my advise would be to find a mentor or someone willing to guide you until you can loosen up the wings 🙂 Thanks for the post! I’ll definitely checkout your repository, you’ll see me as @lpix.

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  2. Good initiative.

    However, I don’t quite understand the term “open sources”, is that an alternative term for “open source software”/”open source projects”? Not trying to nitpick, but curious if there is more to the term than what I can guess.

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