Sieving Forward


From a long time I have been thinking about how I can make independent research easier, accessible and fun. Researches are base for implementations. Researches are ideas explored. They are like a proof of concept for

hey – what’s going on in your mind?

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Research paper


Think about open source. Open source created a way of collaborating and communicating without boundaries. People getting involved without any conformations or revealing their identities. They solved problems, scaled solutions, together. Many platforms became innovative on how they can make the collaboration easier and many business were born, ideas were implemented, problems were solved.

Research is located at few points in world. Independent research is little hard. Research should be present like water and spread like fire. Papers should be like reading Harry Potter books or whatever fiction you like (Ha, I like HP books, only fiction I have read), yea, this much fun. The papers should just be put forward in a way which is more self explanatory and interested instead of being obscure.

Research papers are like newspapers of computing world, not only in computer science, well, say STEM.

Few good souls who initiated making websites where you can easily search research papers and read based on your interest such as –

The base they set is you read X, now read Y, ok I give you code, do you want me voicing my own paper? Uh oh.

Can this be easier and interesting?


Journals covered and my areas of interest are –

MathematicsOperating Systems and Distributed SystemsEconomicsStatistics
Automata TheoryarXivarXivarXiv
CombinatoricsEuroSysECRIJournal of Business and Economic
Discrete MathematicsICDCSElsieverStatistics
Graph TheoryPODCJWERStatistics and Computing
Number TheorySOSPIEJBusiness analytics
ProbabilityUSENIX ATCIJEBROperations research
MacroeconomicsQuantitative psychology
Development Econ Statistical finance
Green EconomicsPsychometrics
Minimum Wage
Forensic statistics
Trade and Globalisation
Financial Globalisation
Environmental, Resource and Energy Economics
Monetary Economics
Behavioral and Experimental Economics
Development Economics

I don’t do a lot of computer science in the work where I spent large part of my day, exploring and solving challenging business problems and implementing solutions, on well, leading and helping in the vision of someone else, obv I associate myself w/. I like taking responsibilities. I would love having thoughts from amazing people out there. Mind you – have one independent research paper published in the topic we are talking about, just makes the conversation interesting.

The content got few reviews and few of my friends showed me few more creative implementations other than word GIFs, charts, 3D gifs, cartoons, sketches. Just brushing.

I am not a frequent blogger, I have a lot of publications where I prefer submitting writings, this would be a bulk publication. I hope you find the published stuff interesting.

The table has information about what is being posted when:

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