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Economics Glossary.

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Monotone Functions Evolution
Edgeworth-Cornish-Fisher ExpansionsEvolution
Quantile and Probability Curves Without CrossingEvolution
Nonseparable Panel MethodsEvolution
Posterior InferenceEvolution
LASSO MethodsEvolution
High Dimensional Sparse Econometric Models ApplicationEvolution
Dual RegressionEvolution
Quantile MethodsEvolution
Sieve Walks and QLR Inferences ModelsEvolution
Monge Kantorovich Depth, Quantiles, Ranks and SignsEvolution
Lava Attacks ApplicationsEvolution
Regularised M-estimators Evolution
Confidence Band Evolution
Oracle Estimations Evolution
High Dimensional Metrics Evolution
Program Evaluation with Right-Censored DataEvolution
Random Utility ModelsEvolution
Econometrics of Randomised ExperimentsEvolution
Effects of Seal Level Rise on Economy of the Unites States Summary
Should I Stay or Should I go?Summary
Generalised Random ForestsEvolution
Sparse Bayesian time-varying covariance estimation in many dimensionsEvolution
Applications on Propensity ScoreEvolution
K-Step Bootstrap Approach for InferenceEvolution
Efficient Policy LearningSummary
Boosting for Economic ApplicationsEvolution
Inference on Breakdown FrontiersEvolution
Ancillary Sufficiency Interweaving Strategy (ASIS) for Boosting MCMC Estimation of Stochastic Volatility ModelsEvolution
Heckits, LATE and Numerical Equivalence (Evolution)
Machine Learning Tests for Effects on Multiple Outcomes
Bias Reduction and First State ShrinkageEvolution
Counter-party Credit Limits and Counter-party RishEvolution
Roy Model of STEM Major ChoicesEvolution
Discrete Choice and Rational InattentionEvolution
Quasi Random Monte Carlo ApplicationEvolution
Zero Rating of Contents and its Effect on the Quality of Service in The Internet Evolution
Forecasting and Dynamic Panel Data ModelsEvolution
Heterogeneous Employment Effects of Job Search ProgrammesEvolution
Finite Time IdentificationsEvolutions
Revenue Based Attribution Modeling for Online Advertising Summary
Electricity Market Theory Based on Continuous Time Commodity ModelSummary
Conditional Confidence IntervalsEvolution
Gale, Kuhn and Tucker’s Reductions of Zero-Sum GamesEvolution
CODA Based Contributions ApplicationEvolution
MATLAB and EconomicsEvolution
The State of Applied Econometrics Causality and Policy Evaluation Summary
Mathematical Programming and Inference on EstimatorsEvolution
Inference for Impulse Responses under Model Uncertainty Evolution
Peer Effects in Endogenous Social NetworksEvolution
Macroeconomics and Fintech on Peer-to-Peer Lending Summary
Matrix Completion Methods for Casual Panel Data Models Evolution
Equity in StartupsEvolution
Startups and Stanford UniversitySummary
Identification and Estimation of Spillover Effects in Randomised Experiments Evolution
Storable and Non-Storable Commodity Future Markets Evolution
Interpretable Model for the Productive Structure of Economics Evolution
Macromodelling Day and Night Air Pollution in Silesia RegionSummary
Effect of Partisanship and Political Advertising on Close Family TiesSummary
Identification of and Correction for Publication BiasSummary
Online Red Packets: A Large Scale Empirical Study of Gift Giving on WeChatSummary
A Random Attention ModelSummary
Assessment Voting in Large ElectoratesSummary
Transformation ModelsEvolution
Resource Abundance and Life ExpectancySummary
Lottery WinningEvolution
Why Markets are Inefficient: A Gambling Theory of Financial Markets Summary
Dynamic Pricing and Energy Management Strategy for EV Charging Stations under UncertaintiesEvolution
Hyper-Rational Choice TheorySummary
How Can We Induce More Women to Competitions?Summary
State Pension Reforms in Post Brexit England and Wales using MicrosimulationSummary
How Smart are Water Smart Landscapes?Summary
Predictability of Bitcoin BubblesSummary
Business Cycles in EconomicsSummary
Business and Growth Rate Cycles in IndiaSummary
Adversarial Generalised Method of MomentsEvolution
G-Order Statistics in the Regression Discontinuity DesignSummary
Affects of Monetary Policy on Income Inequality in Japan Evolution
Schooling Choice, Labour Market Matching and Wages Summary
Generalised Laplace Inference in Multiple Change Points Models Evolution
Lee-Carters Methodology in a Heterogeneous PopulationSummary
Shapley Value Methods for Attribution Modelling in Online AdvertisingSummary
Estimating Dynamic Treatment Effects in Event Studies with Heterogeneous Treatment EffectsEvolution
Bitcoin Market Route to MaturityEvolution
Quantifying the Economic Case for Electric Semi-TrucksEvolution
Economic Inequality and Islamic CharitySummary
Deep Learning for Predicting Asset ReturnsSummary
Multiple Treatments with Strategic InteractionSummary
Happy Family of Stable MarriagesSummary
Model Selection in Time Series AnalysisSummary
Role of Symmetry in Irrational ChoiceSummary
A Growth Model with UnemploymentSummary
Effect of Climate and Geography on Worldwide Fine Resolution Economic ActivitySummary
Quantum Nash EquilibriumEvolution
Shift-Share DesignsEvolution
Masstricht and Monetary CooperationSummary
Bring and friend, Private or PubliclySummary
Same -Sex Marriage, Employment and DiscriminationSummary
Optimising the tie-breaker regression discontinuity DesignSummary
Spanning Tests for Markowitz Stochastic DominanceSummary
Stock Market Volatility Reactions on Oil ShocksEvolution
Does Obamacare care?Summary
Econometric Modelling and Forecasting of Intraday Electricity PricesEvolution
Real Hourly Wages in the USEvolution
Disparity of Regional Economic Development in Chine [1952-2000]Evolution
Public Health and Economic WelfareEvolution
Cancer Risk MessagesEvolution
Binscatter RegressionsEvolution
The Africa Dummy: Gone with the MilleniumSummary
Deciding with JudgementSummary
The Income Fluctuation Problem and the Evolution of WealthSummary
Competing ModelsSummary
Audits as Evidence: Experiments, Ensembles and EnforcementSummary
An Economic Topology of the Brexit VoteSummary
Dynamics of Income Inequality under Disequilibrium in IndiaSummary
Volatility of Bitcoin using GARCH ModelsSummary
Market Price of Trading Liquidity Risk and Market DepthSummary
Data Fusion in EconometricsSummary
Dynamic Discrete Choice ModelsSummary
Farmers Perception Towards Agriculture Technology in Southern ContinentsEvolution
Rural Household Income in Southern EthiopiaEvolution
Church Museums as Tourist Attraction in South Africa Evolution
The Economic Impact of the Regional Instability and the Syrian Civil War on Jordan: An Economic Performance Index AnalysisSummary
Human Capital Development and Economic Growth in BangladeshSummary
Evaluation of User Contribution Value in the Virtual Brand CommunitySummary
The Relevant of Contingency Theory and Stewardship Theory on the Internal Audit ResearchSummary
Education Funding and Human Capital Development in NigeriaSummary
The Development of Nano-technology and Its Industrialisation in DPR of KoreaSummary
Female Employment: A Way to National WellbeingEvolution
Effect of Micro-Grants on Poverty Alleviation of Palestinian Families (Gaza Strip- Palestinian Territories) Summary
The role of business intelligence in a knowledge-based economy: the case of Saudi ArabiaSummary
Income Convergence and the Flow Out of Poverty in Rural IndiaSummary
Performance of India’s States on the Millennium Development GoalsSummary
Morality and capitalism – friends or foes?Summary
Negative image: developing countries and country of origin – an example from ZimbabweSummary
Looking backwards and living forwards: the EMU and the history of monetary unions in Western EuropeSummary
Monetary integration and the French model: a case study in the eurozone Summary
The market for skilled labour and the trade cycleSummary
Foreign exchange volatility and international pricingSummary
Effect of Indian politics on the Indian stock marketSummary
Sheep and their herders: testing the myth of rational voters – a Latvian case studySummary
Customers’ perceptions towards adoption of e-banking in PakistanSummary
Creating ethical organisational cultures by managing the reactive and proactive workplace bullySummary
Chinese interethnic marriage: passion or rational choice? Summary
The role of international trade and financial integration in the development model of the BRIC economiesSummary
The growth, inequality and poverty triangle: new evidence from a panel of SAARC countriesSummary
The asymmetric effects of Tunisian monetary policy: a threshold vector autoregressive approachSummary
The influence of imprisonment on HIV and its impact on health-related inequalities in New York CitySummary
Rise of the ‘tiger cub’ economies: an empirical investigation of Southeast Asian stock market efficiencySummary
Empirical analysis of monetary policy reaction function in an emerging African market economySummary
Corporate governance, financing patterns and the cost of capital: evidence from New Zealand companiesSummary
The effect of economic freedom on corruption: the case of South Asian countriesSummary
Determinants of the Indian rupee/US dollar exchange rate and policy implicationsSummary
A validation of Wagner’s Law: a case study of Sri LankaSummary
Impact of the minimum wage policy on consumption expenditure and poverty in Egypt Summary
Determinants of FDI in South Asia: does corruption matter? Summary
Evaluating short- and long-term effectiveness of capital expenditure in the subnational governments: evidence from US statesSummary
Outside directors on the board, competition and innovation Summary
Psychological empowerment as a stimulus of organisational commitment and quality of work-life: a comparative study between Egypt and IndiaSummary
Social media and financial institutions in the Indian context Summary
Warren Buffett value indicator vs. GDP size – is the relationship superlinear?Summary
Creating innovative work behaviour: the roles of self efficacy, leader competency, and friendly workplaceSummary
Law to counter tobacco companies in the Arab region: a look at Jordan and the United Arab EmiratesSummary
Threshold of Gibrat’s law and firm’s growth strategySummary