Index: Mathematics

The Killed Brox DiffusionSummaryProbability
The Curie-Weiss ModelSummaryProbability
Brownian MotionSummaryProbability
The Spectrum of a Random Operator is a Random SetSummaryProbability
Inverting Weak Random OperatorsSummaryProbability
Lattice TorusSummaryProbability
Brox DiffusionEvolutionProbability
One Dimensional TorusEvolutionProbability
Spins, Percolation and Height FunctionsSummaryProbability
Scenery Reconstruction for Random Walk on Random Scenery SystemsSummaryProbability
Growth Processes with Random Growth Rates and Random Birth TimesSummaryProbability
Sums of Random Polynomials with Independent RootsSummaryProabibilty
Non Markovian Temporal NetworksEvolutionProbability
Random Gap Processes and Asymptotically Complete SequencesSummaryProbability
Summability of Random Fourier Jacobi Series Associated with Stable ProcessSummaryProbability
On The Length of Chains in a Metric SpaceSummary Probability
Iterated Piecewise Stationary Random FunctionsSummary Probability
A new coefficient of CorrelationSummaryProbability
Stability and Instability of the MaxWeight PolicySummaryProbability
The Remainder in the Renewal TheoremSummaryProbability
Stochastic Growth in Time Dependent EnvironmentsSummaryProbability
On The Minimal Diameter of Closed Hyperbolic SurfacesSummaryProbability
Fractional Brownian MotionSummaryProbability
Monty Hall DelimmaEvolutionProbability
Quantile DiffusionsSummaryProbability
Jensen’s Inequality EvolutionProbability
Estimators EvolutionProbability
A Simple Measure of Conditional DependenceSummaryProbability
On The Final Limit of a Transition MatrixSummaryProbability
Set-Valued Risk Measures as Backward Stochastic Difference Inclusions and EquationsSummaryProbability
Pricing FX Options under Intermediate CurrencySummaryProbability
On the Relative Value Iteration with a Risk-Sensitive CriterionSummaryProbability
Almost Sure Central Limit Theorems in Stochastic GeometrySummaryProbability
Expansion For The Critical Point of Site Percolation: The First Three TermsSummaryProbability
The Large N Limit of Orbifold Vertex Operator AlgebrasSummaryGraph Theory
Encryption based on Conference MatrixSummaryGraph Theory
The shortest disjoint paths problemSummaryGraph Theory
Extension of Paley Construction for Hadamard MatrixSummaryGraph Theory
Graphs with no induced K_{2,t}SummaryGraph Theory
Long Cycles and Spanning Subgraphs of Locally Maximal 1-planar GraphsSummaryGraph Theory
A Fast Fourier Transform for the Johnson graphSummaryGraph Theory
On existence of perfect bitrades in Hamming graphsSummaryGraph Theory
Mathematics of Balanced Parentheses: The case of Ordered Motzkin WordsSummaryGraph Theory
The Planted Matching Problem: Phase Transitions and Exact ResultsSummaryGraph Theory
Intersecting families, signed sets, and injectionSummaryGraph Theory
Stringy Canonical FormsSummaryGraph Theory
Recursively divisible numbersSummaryGraph Theory
Johnson Graph CodesSummaryGraph Theory
A new upper bound on the chromatic number of graphs with no odd Kt minorSummaryGraph Theory
An exact algorithm for the minimum rank of a graphSummaryGraph Theory
The Polynomial TransformSummaryNumber Theory
A note on bounded exponential sumsSummaryNumber Theory
A consideration of the Fibonacci sequence modulo mSummaryNumber Theory
Perfect powers in polynomial power sumsSummaryNumber Theory
On the sum of k-th powers in terms of earlier sumsSummaryNumber Theory
Recursively divisible numbersSummaryNumber Theory
On an logarithmic equation by primesSummaryNumber Theory
On the monotonicity of additive representation functionsSummaryNumber Theory
A variance for k-free numbers in arithmetic progressions of given modulusSummaryNumber Theory
Nuclear partitions and a formula for p(n)SummaryNumber Theory
The Polynomial TransformSummaryNumber Theory
Integer Partitions Probability DistributionsSummaryNumber Theory
Barely lonely runners and very lonely runnersSummaryNumber Theory
Beyond Göllnitz’ Theorem II: arbitrarily many primary colorsSummaryNumber Theory
Lattice points in spherical segmentsSummaryNumber Theory
Dances between continuous and discrete: Euler’s summation formulaSummaryNumber Theory
Zeros of Dirichlet polynomialsSummaryNumber Theory
Cocharacters for the weak polynomial identities of the Lie algebra of 3×3 skew-symmetric matricesSummaryDiscrete Mathematics
Structures in representation stabilitySummaryDiscrete Mathematics
Topological fields with a generic derivationSummaryDiscrete Mathematics
Periodic staircase matrices and generalized cluster structuresSummaryDiscrete Mathematics
Almost discrete valuation domainsSummaryDiscrete Mathematics
Symbolic powers and free resolutions of generalized star configurations of hypersurfacesSummaryDiscrete Mathematics
On the factorization of linear combinations of polynomialsSummaryDiscrete Mathematics
Rim Multiplicity and Mixed MultiplicityEvolutionDiscrete Mathematics
Betti numbersEvolutionCombinatorics
Reverse order laws for generalized inverses of products of two or three matrices with applicationsSummaryGeneral Mathematics
The Euler Polynomial Prime Values ProblemSummaryGeneral Mathematics
On The Complex Zeros of The Riemann Zeta FunctionSummaryGeneral Mathematics
The Euler Polynomial Prime Values ProblemSummaryGeneral Mathematics
Causal statistical modeling and calculation of distribution functions of classification featuresSummaryStatistics Theory
Stationary Points of Shallow Neural Networks with Quadratic Activation FunctionSummaryStatistics Theory
Mean-shift least squares model averagingSummaryStatistics Theory
Central limit theorems for stochastic gradient descent with averaging for stable manifoldsSummaryStatistics Theory
Mean skewness measuresSummaryStatistics Theory