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Statistics Glossary.

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Sequential Monte Carlo with transformations
Central quantile subspace
Genetic algorithms for numerical optimization
Envisioning information
Threshold-range scaling of excitable cellular automata
Principal curves revisited
Measuring multimodality
Learning classification trees
Applications of a general propagation algorithm for probabilistic expert systems
Block diagrams and splitting criteria for classification trees
Single and twin-heaps as natural data structures for percentile point simulation algorithms
The next ten years in statistics?
Real data are messy
Statistics research: the next ten years
The future of statistics
Book reviews
Automatic starting point selection for function optimization
A computational framework for variable selection in multivariate regression
Evolutionary computation
A genetic algorithm tutorial
Genetic algorithms and scatter search: unsuspected potentials
Genetic programming as a means for programming computers by natural selection
Two permutation tests of equality of variances
Generating random variates from D-distributions via substitution sampling
Implementing partial least squares
A method for simulating familial disease data with variable age at onset and genetic and environmental effects
The statistics of linear models: back to basics
Change-point approach to data analytic wavelet thresholding
Mixture separation for mixed-mode data
A metadata approach to statistical query processing
Applying classification algorithms in practice
Massively parallel computing: a statistical application
A guided walk Metropolis algorithm
Latent single-index models for ordinal data
The locally Gaussian density estimator for multivariate data
Point process-based Monte Carlo estimation
Iterative bias reduction: a comparative study
Statistical inference for a single-index varying-coefficient model
A fast algorithm for non-negativity model selection
Have I seen you before? Principles of Bayesian predictive classification revisited
On the Fisher–Bingham distribution
Comparative analysis of modern optimization tools for the p-median problem
Modified repeated median filters
Fitting via alternative random-effect models
On directional Metropolis–Hastings algorithms
Expectations and Risk Premia at 8:30 a.m.: Deciphering the Responses of Bond Yields to Macroeconomic Announcements
Can Business Owners Form Accurate Counterfactuals? Eliciting Treatment and Control Beliefs About Their Outcomes in the Alternative Treatment Status
Multivariate Seasonal Adjustment, Economic Identities, and Seasonal Taxonomy
Employer-to-Employer Flows in the United States: Estimates Using Linked Employer-Employee Data
Lumpy Price Adjustments: A Microeconometric Analysis
Estimation With Many Instrumental Variables
The Henderson Smoother in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space
Macroeconomic Forecasting With Mixed-Frequency Data
Powerful Trend Function Tests That Are Robust to Strong Serial Correlation, With an Application to the Prebisch–Singer Hypothesis
A Trading Approach to Testing for Predictability
Dynamics and Seasonality in Quarterly Panel Data
An Analysis of Earnings Mobility in Spain
Testing Asset Pricing Models With Coskewness
Stationary Components in Stock Prices: An Exact Pointwise Most Powerful Invariant Test
Inequality Orderings, Normalized Stochastic Dominance, and Statistical Inference
“Rule-of-Thumb” Consumption, Intertemporal Substitution, and Risk Aversion
Do Fast-Food Chains Price Discriminate on the Race and Income Characteristics of an Area?
Seasonal Adjustment and Other Data Transformations
Measuring and Comparing Business-Cycle Features
A Measure of Production Performance
Retrospective Reporting of Household Wealth: Evidence From the 1983–1989 Survey of Consumer Finances
Uncertainty About the Persistence of Economic Shocks
Temporal Aggregation and Economic Time Series
Random Walks, Breaking Trend Functions, and the Chaotic Structure of the Velocity of Money